Water Management

I consider myself to be very fortunate to live in Canada where natural resources are at my fingertips (very accessible). In specific the supply of fresh water has never been an issue. Sadly that is not the case for the rest of the world. With reference to the Millennium Development Goals Report established in the year 2012, approximately 783 million people (11% of the world’s population) do not have access to fresh drinking water. The good news is that the millions of gallons per day (MGD) of drinking water has met the target five years in advance. Even though our planet is covered with mass bodies of water, not even half of it is safe to drink. Without fresh drinking water no living organism will be able to survive, in general 97% of the human body consists of water. Some ways that I try to save water is by not leaving the tap running while I brush my teeth, since I live with my family we load the dishwasher and use it once a day, we do laundry once a week, we use tide cold water, I shower once a day we water our grass once a week, we clean our cars once a month and we avoid leaving the tap running for any other day-to-day activities. My brother currently works for Halton Region in their Burlington Water Purification Plant. His job is to test the water before it is set out for distribution to see if it is safe. From what he tells me gallons of water come in from the lake and gallons of water get distributed daily. In Canada if a certain amount of water is not used by residents the price level of water rises, especially in Toronto. I found that quite shocking because I believe people should be encouraged to use less water and therefore reduce their hydro bill when there is a decrease in water usage. In conclusion, even though our world is getting better at saving water there are many daily activities that can help increase the cause for water management. This will help future generations to live a quality lifestyle and help other places like California whom are facing a drought.


Manpreet Sahi





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